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Re: American Style???
Posted by jerryblu
12/28/2005  3:32:00 PM
I dont understand what is meant by "social dancing". I dance American style foxtrot. By that I mean that my partner and I often separate, sometimes to do grapevines, or some of the fancy sequences like the "Cuddly Lunge Thing" that Johnathan did here.

If social dancing means doing SSqq steps and shuffling slowly around the floor, careful not to step on each other's feet being the prime consideration, then we need to create yet a third category. Intl, American, and Social (or shuffling?)? I think it takes us a little longer to navigate our ballroom in FT than in QS, but not a lot longer; we are MOVING!

We view Int'l FT with admiration and some degree of uncertainty because we dont know how to do all those pauses that seem to dramatize the dance so beautifully.
Re: American Style???
Posted by Ellen
12/28/2005  3:46:00 PM
Jerry, I think most people make a distinction between social dancing (dancing purely for recreation, pleasure, etc.) and competitive dancing. The distinction is not necessarily one of quality of dancing, though there may be differences in emphasis. In my experience, competitors are usually more precise about things like frame and footwork, whereas experienced social dancers are often better at lead and follow.

When people are taught for purely social purposes, in the US they are virtually always taught American style steps (to begin with anyway). Competitors can compete in either style. And of course, some of us compete and also do social dancing (just can't get enough!).
Re: American Style???
Posted by anon
12/28/2005  4:57:00 PM
There is also rumba in american rhythm, it wasn't included in your list.
Re: American Style???
Posted by Melissa
12/29/2005  6:46:00 AM
You're right, I can't believe I left out Rhumba. Isn't that a beautiful dance? I enjoy American style dances so much more than international styles. During my teenage years,(I'm 21 now), I danced in Little Rock. When we went dancing, I didn't see anyone doing International except the people that took from the same instructor as me. I feel that if you're going out to dance, it doesn't matter what style you do, as long as you're having fun. Save the seriousness for the comps or lessons. BTW, I'm trying to sell a gown, a size three, turquoise and burgandy. It's beautiful. Would anyone be interested? I can email you pictures of the gown.

Re: American Style???
Posted by Magda
6/15/2007  12:38:00 PM
I am always puzzled when I see "rumba" spelled with an H ("Rhumba"). Is it a mistake or a European thing? Just wondering...
Re: American Style???
Posted by anno
6/18/2007  8:36:00 AM
Some dances share the same name but are different dances, danced to different music, tempos, and have different looks.

Re: American Style???
Posted by Sami
6/21/2007  6:16:00 PM

I wonder the same thing sometimes, I think it's just the way people are told to spell it- maybe from their instructors or people just think it looks better one way or another!

Another thing is... American style is it the American social dancing? I come from Australia and was just thinking about how different some things are and how similar they are aswel! Funny isn't it!
Re: American Style???
Posted by Anna
6/22/2007  1:55:00 AM
If you look at the image on the opening page you will see a couple who have created a shape in space. It is a terrific shape pleasing to the eye. It happens to be American Smooth. But it doesn't matter which style it is. Some people mostly competitors will always try for beautiful lines. Too many who are Social Dancers, that is the last think on their mind. Unless they have been an ex- competitors.
Re: American Style???
Posted by ericlund
3/26/2008  12:46:00 PM
It doesn't make as much sense going for the beautiful line when social dancing. In that case, you're dancing for your partner (and vice versa). In competitive dancing, you're dancing for a judge.

Your partner is hopefully a little too close to see that line, so who would you be trying to impress? OK, there are plenty of answers, but if your reason for social dancing is to have fun dancing with your partner, those all fall away.

In competitive dancing, you may be having fun, but fun is not the point. Winning is, and to do that you have to impress the judges, and good lines are part of that. You only have to look like you are having fun.
Re: American Style???
Posted by kaiara
5/3/2009  9:23:00 AM
For me, the point of the lines is that it FEELS good. I enjoy knowing that what I am doing is both for my partner and I to enjoy and is pleasing to the eye. Same reason I used to ride Dressage--it was a joy to fit so subtly with my equine partner--and useful on trail rides too. LOL!

I enjoy knowing I look good dancing, even if hubby and I are dancing alone.

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