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Re: American Style???
Posted by jerryblu
12/28/2005  3:32:00 PM
I dont understand what is meant by "social dancing". I dance American style foxtrot. By that I mean that my partner and I often separate, sometimes to do grapevines, or some of the fancy sequences like the "Cuddly Lunge Thing" that Johnathan did here.

If social dancing means doing SSqq steps and shuffling slowly around the floor, careful not to step on each other's feet being the prime consideration, then we need to create yet a third category. Intl, American, and Social (or shuffling?)? I think it takes us a little longer to navigate our ballroom in FT than in QS, but not a lot longer; we are MOVING!

We view Int'l FT with admiration and some degree of uncertainty because we dont know how to do all those pauses that seem to dramatize the dance so beautifully.
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