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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Quickstep
1/27/2006  12:59:00 AM
Guys In competition you are not bound to a medal book. If i did after a Change of Direction I would come out not in phrase with the music. To counter that the competition dancer would use the timing S. S. (Q. LF). Q RF. (heel lead first of the Feather). And then Q. Q. as usuall. After a Natural Turn the same technique should be used. The question would be asked does it matter if I dance on 3412 instead of 1234. Years ago no. Today yes. Unless you want to go down the drain. Everything today is eight bar phrased. W F. Q. T. The same in Latin even the Jive. To continue the story . I went to a lecture by a very important gentleman who counted us into a Feather Step. He picked up the count 5678 we stepped off on our preperation step on 1 (Q). then on 2 (Q). then 3 (Q). then 4 (Q). That was our Feather Step. Which is as above. Why the book comes in a soft cover is so it can be bent If you read Alex Moore it was intended as a guide only and not to be used with a Parrot like mentality by the keen Amateur. >
Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Rha
1/27/2006  1:58:00 AM

I'm open to any musical interpretation. The point of my retort is not to be prescriptive about musicality. I think the aim of Jonathan in the videos is to demonstrate the classical slowfox timing/ musicality and he has achieved that (I presume that he would feel less than satisfied otherwise).

Foxy is subtly (slyly ) suggesting the contrary and I disagree with Foxy.

Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Foxy
1/27/2006  3:27:00 AM
The slow of the international foxtrot is the swing of the whole foot from it's back position to it's forward position thats why you need to dance a preperation step. The feather step takes place inside the bar of music.If you staart wilth feet together you are deleting the first beat in the bar of music,This foxtrot is danced by an excellent dancer who is use to dancing Amercan style foxtrot,it is difficult to switch styles at a moments notice. This is not the timing used by most top international dancers.
Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Rha
1/27/2006  4:35:00 AM

Are we talking about the same video, the slowfox clips under LEARN THE DANCES? I perplexed by your comments. He is dancing a prep step in the feather step demo, timing &SQQ.

Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Foxy
1/27/2006  5:09:00 AM
Rha. You are correct,but I sstill say the timing is more like 1234 than &sqq ,but then who am I to say.
Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Rha
1/27/2006  6:15:00 AM
Okay Foxy,

We must agree to disagree because I've had a re-look at the clip 15 times over since your last post, just to be sure, and I still like his rhythm. He does not snatch at the prep, clearly dancing it on the & count of the previous measure. He keeps it all quite rhythmically even, with the slight surge and drift into the 1st and 2nd quicks respectively. All these are trademarks of top flight, authenthic, advanced slowfox timing for me.

Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Anonymous
1/27/2006  6:35:00 AM
actually the foot timing with respect to the body is wrong - it is over eager
Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Dave
1/27/2006  7:02:00 AM
IT,s hard to demonstrate a feather without first warming up,neather can you get the same results when you dance a figure piece by piece. It can,t have the same fluid motion as when danced in a routine,the dancer is not able to dance light and shade. Please teach me to dance a feather step as demonstrated and I will be satisfied. Dave
Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Dave Continued
1/27/2006  7:06:00 AM
Foxy . Thank you for bringing up the subject as Rha has introduced me to some new concept and a different way of lookin at the feather step.
Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by jerryblu
1/27/2006  4:21:00 PM
I am going to beg to differ. That is NOT a prep step. That 1st Slow occurs on the 1st beat of the measure, not on the &. The count I heard on the video clip was SSqqSSqq. That 2nd SSqq demonstrates that the full step includes two slows. If it were a prep step then you would have one slow before launching into SqqSqq, not SSqqSSqq.

Unless you do a slow prep step before each feather????

I see folks dancing SSQQ Foxtrot all the time, shuffling around the floor. Altho Jonathan has explained to me that that is American Bronze, I just dont like it and I dont think of it as American Bronze. I think of it as Arthur Murray Bronze. I was taught SqqSqq from the start (American style), and when I graduated to Silver I learned to pass feet.


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