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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Quickstep
1/27/2006  12:59:00 AM
Guys In competition you are not bound to a medal book. If i did after a Change of Direction I would come out not in phrase with the music. To counter that the competition dancer would use the timing S. S. (Q. LF). Q RF. (heel lead first of the Feather). And then Q. Q. as usuall. After a Natural Turn the same technique should be used. The question would be asked does it matter if I dance on 3412 instead of 1234. Years ago no. Today yes. Unless you want to go down the drain. Everything today is eight bar phrased. W F. Q. T. The same in Latin even the Jive. To continue the story . I went to a lecture by a very important gentleman who counted us into a Feather Step. He picked up the count 5678 we stepped off on our preperation step on 1 (Q). then on 2 (Q). then 3 (Q). then 4 (Q). That was our Feather Step. Which is as above. Why the book comes in a soft cover is so it can be bent If you read Alex Moore it was intended as a guide only and not to be used with a Parrot like mentality by the keen Amateur. >
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