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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by jerryblu
1/27/2006  4:21:00 PM
I am going to beg to differ. That is NOT a prep step. That 1st Slow occurs on the 1st beat of the measure, not on the &. The count I heard on the video clip was SSqqSSqq. That 2nd SSqq demonstrates that the full step includes two slows. If it were a prep step then you would have one slow before launching into SqqSqq, not SSqqSSqq.

Unless you do a slow prep step before each feather????

I see folks dancing SSQQ Foxtrot all the time, shuffling around the floor. Altho Jonathan has explained to me that that is American Bronze, I just dont like it and I dont think of it as American Bronze. I think of it as Arthur Murray Bronze. I was taught SqqSqq from the start (American style), and when I graduated to Silver I learned to pass feet.

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