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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Quickstep
1/27/2006  6:00:00 PM
Foxy.I hope we are dicussing the International Foxtrot, I know absolutely nothing of the American Style. With your count of 1234 is the 1.2. the Preperation Step, Which will have you taking the 1st of the Feather on 34. If a preperation Step is taken on the &. The count becomes & with the & coming from 4 The count is & 1234. I hope that this is not to confusing. Our aim is to get a Prep step which allows us to take off on 1.2. on the first of the Feather and not 3.4. So we Prep step on 3.4. Which can also be called 7.8.The problem now is after a Change of Direction if we take the 3rd step as described we will be stepping out of phrase with the music as it is being played today.. Just my thoughts but years ago the music was not recorded as it is today. Today it is easy to pick up a count of 5678, if we use 78 as the Prep Step then we have 1.2. free for our Feather. Just to throw more fat on the fire. Look at the Tango. It is supposed to be 2/4 tempo. You are more likely to run into a 4/4 tempo.Just pick one step , a Four Step If you do it to 2/4 its fine. If you do a Four Step to 4/4 you will be out of time with the music. So they now do a Five Step instead. One of our leading teachers whilst in Europe acually asked one of the big orchestra leaders why 4/4. The answer was the buying public did not like 4/4. In fact they had to recall a disc and take out the 2/4 Tango and replace it with a 4/4. Just remembering that they are selling to others as well as ballroom dancers.. >
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