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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Anonymous
1/27/2006  9:36:00 PM
"Now as to that silly generalization about dancers in the U.S.A... I should point out that my standard teacher, who was born, raised, and trained in the UK, was there to supervise our dancing on the day of the shoot."

The devil is in the details, details of a level so basic that they cannot productively be commented on when there isn't a month or two of time available to experment with them before the critical peformance. If you listen to the things that leading English coaches repeatedly try to change when brought over to teach top students, and then compare that to the conflicting beliefs of most non-English competitors, it's clear which tradition these clips illustrate. It's not that the English students are better, it's just that they get pushed on these things day in and day out for a decade or so before it sinks in, wheras the rest of us hear it only every few months, or worse, get a second or third hand version.
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