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Re: Square Dancing, Contra Dancing, Folk Dancing
Posted by Stevenp
1/30/2006  12:32:00 PM
Thanks for replying. A couple of weeks ago, here on Long Island we had a Contra/Swing night. It helped introduced Contra to the Swing crowd. We had a positive response. Contra is my favorite dance because for me it is pure fun. I don't have to make a dozen decision that have to be made while leading. I do find that when the Ballroom and Swing crowd try it, they either love it or hate it. There's no in between.
Variety in dancing keeps me going. There is always something new to learn. I just started taking country line dances (it takes years of lessons to learn it all--which is impossible because for every new song there's a new dance!!). I am up to A1 in Square Dancing and plan to take A2 classes this summer. If I really want to go further, there are the Challange levels. I went to a workshop on Irish Set and Ceilli dances. I thought it was fun and would consider taking classes in the future. You can never be bored learning different dances.
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