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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by Anonymous
2/1/2006  5:46:00 AM
"What a lot of the current finalists and champions are dancing and teaching nowadays is to land the second "quick" on count 1 (whereas a few years ago, it was to land on 4, or slightly after). You might say it's gone to a bit of an extreme, but that's the current climate in competitive circles. Do I think it's good timing for a basic syllabus video? Of course not. But that wasn't our intention when we danced it to narration."

The timing to the music, even the music that couldn't be heard, is just fine. Where the issue lies is in the order of various actions in the body and the feet. Insted of the feet moving as consequence of the body flighting through the steps, they precede the body motion, leaving the bodies often stuck in odd positions.
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