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Posted by jerryblu
2/12/2006  7:21:00 PM
I had pain in my feet many years, had several badly fitted orthotics, finally got a pair that really helped, and was able to go on walks, hikes, etc.

Strangely (perhaps someone has an explanation), when I started ballroom dancing 5 years ago, and purchased ballroom shoes in which the orthotics did not fit, I had no pain, and have used those same kind of thin soled shoes now for years for dancing. OTOH, I do need the orthotics for regular shoes.

Are there are orthotics for dance shoes?

My wife and I are about to go to Buenos Aires and I plan to get shoes there. (We've been taking Argentine tango lessons now for about 5 months, so we are slightly beyond the raw beginner stage; sort of lower Bronze level) The tango shoes there are not thin soled, not suede bottomed, and have a great deal more support than my usual ballroom shoes. I am thinking that perhaps I should be getting shoes in which my inserts will fit.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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