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Re: Orthotics
Posted by Ellen
2/13/2006  3:29:00 PM
I use orthotics in my ballroom shoes and have found that they improve my dancing quite a bit. I wish I had gotten them earlier, but I got advice from various sources that said they wouldn't work in dance shoes. Then, after a foot injury caused by dancing with improper foot mechanics, I had to get them anyway, so I tried them in my dance shoes. Almost immediately, my posture and balance improved significantly and I feel much more secure on my feet (which roll excessively without the orthotics). I think my feet are getting stronger as a result of the orthotics making me use the correct muscles in my feet. I have had to get a size larger in some shoes for the orthotics to fit. Maybe you should try dancing in some shoes that your orthotics do fit to see what it's like. Even if the shoes aren't ideal for dancing, they would give you a feeling for what its like to do dance steps and movements with the orthotics. Good luck! Have a great time on your trip!
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