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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by boleros2aerosmith
2/21/2006  9:12:00 PM
The cost, at least at my studio (it might be different in other locations)runs about $120/lesson. However, you have a set instructor and you can come to any group class offered during the week. You can also attend the Newcomers' Party as well as the regular friday night parties. We have 4 "related" studios that are owned by the same franchisee. I could go to a class in any of those studios and even take exchange lessons with a teacher from a different studio than my home studio if I wanted to do so. Similarly, I could go to a dance party in a different studio 4 nights a week if I wanted to do so and not pay one penny extra for that. As it is, I generally have 2 private lessons a week and go to most of the group classes offered at my home studio (usually 4 a week) and frequently, I will go to group classes in other studios (1 or 2 a week). I almost always attend at least 2 dance parties a week and sometimes 3. Only the private lessons are tallied and taken from my total $ paid.

So, say I bought 15 lessons for $1,800. I get much more than just 15 private lessons for the money. I get as many group classes as I can attend (there are usually 10 group classes per week on the schedule)and I get up to 4 dance parties per week (one at each of the 'related' studios because they are on different nights). Even if a student wasn't up for going to a different studio, you'd still have the 15 lessons, 10 group classes, a Newcomers' Party (everyone can go to that but if you are an advanced dancer you need to try not to intimidate the new people) and the regular dance party.

You don't necessarily have a time limit as to when you have to use your lessons, either and participation in the studios on many levels is encouraged (party committees, etc).

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