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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Laura
2/21/2006  9:33:00 PM
> The cost, at least at my studio (it
> might be different in other
> locations)runs about $120/lesson.

Wow, that's expensive. Back when I was taking privates from one of the pros who was recently featured in the showdances on "America's Ballroom Challenge," I was only paying $65 (US) per lesson. I think he charges maybe $70 or $75 now.

One of my other teachers is a fairly recent Canadian national champion, and also only charges $65 (US) per lesson.

I don't get the party or unlimited group class benefit that you do, but the parties cost $6 per week ($12 if you come for the lesson before), and for $235 per month I can take as many group classes at the studio as I can handle, in styles ranging from Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Argentine Tango, Ballroom (International and American), Lindy Hop, Salsa, Belly Dancing, and more.

I'm just giving this info to show that there are many different alternatives out there.
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