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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Ellen
2/22/2006  1:10:00 PM
Just to provide another prespective, you could do everything boleros2aerosmith does at my studio and it would cost $190 a week, compared to $240 at that AM studio. Since $50 is almost another private lesson each week, I prefer my studio's a la carte pricing. Also, it looks like AM only pays off at all if you have time to take advantage of lots of the "free" classes and parties. I work full time, so my typical dance week is 2 privates, 1 group, and 1 party. That costs me $150 a week, a $90 difference from AM if I pay for only what I actually do.

But I know some people like the social atmosphere at AMs, and it might be worth the extra cost for them.
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