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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by operabob
2/22/2006  1:37:00 PM
Here private lessons run between $45 - $65 an hour including floor rental depending on the teacher's qualification.

Group classes average about $8/hr.

Local dances (at least one a weekend) are: $5 workshop (1hr) + $8 dance or $10 for both.

So if you took 1 private, 2 groups and one dance plus workshop you're looking at around $70 to $90 per week.

Laura, who's the teacher might I ask?

My wife and I study teacher training with Pat Bovaird of Montreal. Pat was New Zealand champ and 7 times a judge at the World Championships. Recently we took a series of lessons with Young Ryu in Vancouver. He was terrific. He made everything so simple and cleared up a problem with my reverse hesitation that has made my wife very happy. (Me Too!)His coach is former Canadian Champion and crowd favourite at the Ohio Star Ball Pierre Allaire. Pat taught Pierre.

Pierre & his wife, Mirielle, head up the BYU dance camp where Alain Doucette & Anik Joliceur, world professional 10 dance champions teach. Pierre & Mirielle do the best Viennese I've ever seen live to a French Canadian folksong that speeds up and slows down.

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