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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by boleros2aerosmith
2/22/2006  7:08:00 PM
I do not know if what I pay is the same as the national average for AM students. I am aware that franchisees set their own fees according to their own local demographics. I have taken lessons at independent studios who have claimed to offer the same quality of instruction for a much lower price. It has been my experience that this statement just wasn't true. I encountered unprofessional behavior from people who were supposed to be professionals. I was never assured that I would have the same teacher, which made me feel like I was constantly starting over. Once a teacher found out that I was an AM student, they became greedy for information about the AM syllabus and on a couple of occasions, that information became their entire motivation for working with me and my dance goals went by the wayside. I do not understand that behavior because I don't know really know what is so uber-special about the AM syllabus. Maybe I'm just naive on that level.

I have had the same instructor for 4 years. I like that consistency. My 10 year old daughter dances, too, and I like that she is treated respectfully, as she has considerable dance and performance talent... and no, some AM teacher didn't use that as a sales tactic on me for giving her lessons. She's been that way nearly since birth.

I like the consistency and level of instruction. I do like the social element to AM as well. I also happen to like that whether I take two lessons a week as I am doing now, or one lesson every two weeks, as I have done in the past, I can still go to as many group lessons and parties as I want to. I like that the program is tailored to my needs and I have yet to see that kind of approach from any independent studio I have dealt with.

I think it comes down to what is right for you. I'm totally okay with AM. I am also totally okay with people who swear by the independent studios because they feel their needs are addressed. I do not, however, believe that AM is evil, nor do I believe it is a terrible place to learn to dance, as the orginal author of this thread states. The economics of the situation has to be what is right for the individual regardless of where that person receives instruction.
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