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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by DennisBeach
2/25/2006  2:39:00 PM
We have taken lessons at a FADS studio for almost 5 years. Our only purpose is to dance socially as a couple. They have been pretty good at supporting our purpose. We have had a few teachers that left a lot to be desired, but most have been really good. They allowed us to switch teachers and in one case, refunded our lessons with a new teacher, who was completely wrong for us.

We have not had a problem with them holding us back. They started teaching us silver foxtrot when we were in the first bronze level, because we did not like doing the bronze foxtrot. We really liked the Waltz at that time and the silver foxtrot quickly became one of our favarite dances. We did not want to focus on 4 majors, we wanted to work on all the dances and they have been very good about doing that. They do make us specify 4 majors for level evaluations, but work with us on whatever dance we want to work on.

Major problem for us is teachers come and go so much. Switching teachers so often is a bit frustrating and recently the departure of a lady teacher, who was perfect for us, was dissapointing.

As far as promoting dancing as a way to meet someone, I have no problem with that. We know quite a few older couples that met through dancing. On our last cruise, there was an engaged couple at our table, who met at a group lesson. It was the first lesson for both of them.

Because of the teacher switching and the level we are at, we are going to finish our FADS lessons and look for an independent teacher, who we thing will be around for awhile, to work with us every few months on technique. We can now learn new moves from videos, easier than from teachers.
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