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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by mcgregormom3
3/29/2006  12:23:00 PM
I used to teach for an AM studio and what I can tell you is that the majority of the instructors are great people. While it is true that some steps are learned by video and manuals, any good studio will bring in professionals to work with their instructors. There are also opportunities through out the year for instructors to attend dance camps. I assure you that most instructors are well trained and completely sincere when they compliment you. It is a retail sales industry and overhead is high..franchise fees, rent, salaries, ect. Be a good consumer ask lots of questions. How long have been teaching, where did you have your instruction ect. Don't sign contracts if your questions aren't answered, and don't be afraid to ask for your own personalized contract. Not everyone wants to learn the entire bronze syllabus. The people at AM know that and want to make money.A good studio owner will work with you.
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