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Re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by Quickstep.
5/7/2006  3:28:00 AM
MichMich. Social Dancer just about covered it. I will add that some who teach this in Australia subscibe to an organisation from where they can get a scipt. And there are regularly new dances each month. Based on Ballroom and Latin they are in the main doing the same steps one behind the other around the Ballroom. Some of the dances are ok. The UK Foxtrot could be used in a competition, except they start on the wrong foot. The problem is they are either 16 bar routines or 24 or 32 bars, This means the steps have to fit the amount of bars. This means that if they find they have some bars of music over they have to do in some cases some ridicules step to cover the 16 bars. They are not at Blackpool and do have their own championships. If anyone would like to see the list of dances that are done take a look at Sequence Dancing in Queensland. I go to it through Dancesport Uk. Then Worlwide links Then Australia. Then Sequence Dancing in Queensland. It is a very good site, even plays a tune. Here, if all the people who several times a week do Sequence Dancing were to attend our normal studios they would be crowded to the roof tops. If there is a show like Burn the Foor they attend in their thousands. Or millions watching Dancing withe Stars, and voting too.
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