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Rumba? No dancing skills at all!
Posted by Bianca
5/7/2006  1:21:00 PM
Hello! My fiance and I are getting married in early September, and we'd like to put on a decent first dance. Neither one of us can dance, but we are going to sign up for dance lessons as soon as we figure out what style of dance we want to do. My questions are:

1. Ideally, our first song would be Beautiful by Dru Hill. Here's a clip: http://www.amazon.com/gp/music/clipserve/B00000DC4H001014/0/ref=mu_sam_wma_001_014/102-9245591-1488917 What type of dance would you recommend for that? Could a beginner learn it?

2. What are some typical first dance songs that we could dance the Rumba to? Is the Rumba very difficult to learn? We have about 4 months to learn.

Thank you!!
Posted by Bianca
5/7/2006  1:23:00 PM
Re: Link
Posted by Ellen
5/8/2006  6:49:00 PM
I can't listen to your clip at the moment, but I wanted to say that rumba is a very nice dance for a wedding dance and a beginner can learn to do a nice routine that will impress your guests! Most studios have wedding packages where an instructor will take the song you've picked, choreograph a dance to it, and teach you to dance it. Congratulations on your wedding!
Re: Rumba? No dancing skills at all!
Posted by jerryblu
5/9/2006  3:54:00 AM
Rhumba is a good choice. For one thing, many other dances place you so that the two dancers never actually look at each other; in rhumba, you can and should look at each other with passion and intensity- which sounds right to me for a wedding dance.

Lots of other good reasons why it would be easy to learn and to look good on the floor. Have fun learning and remember that FUN is the goal when you start thinking about who is making mistakes.

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