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Rumba? No dancing skills at all!
Posted by Bianca
5/7/2006  1:21:00 PM
Hello! My fiance and I are getting married in early September, and we'd like to put on a decent first dance. Neither one of us can dance, but we are going to sign up for dance lessons as soon as we figure out what style of dance we want to do. My questions are:

1. Ideally, our first song would be Beautiful by Dru Hill. Here's a clip: http://www.amazon.com/gp/music/clipserve/B00000DC4H001014/0/ref=mu_sam_wma_001_014/102-9245591-1488917 What type of dance would you recommend for that? Could a beginner learn it?

2. What are some typical first dance songs that we could dance the Rumba to? Is the Rumba very difficult to learn? We have about 4 months to learn.

Thank you!!
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