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re: Are Competition & Social Dance the Only Choices?
Posted by Matyas
8/22/1999  1:50:00 AM
About not solo performances.

There is such a thing as formation dancing, however I am not sure that many such group prepares only for demonstrations. The first dance club I went to did such demonstrations (that club was against competition dancing.)

In England I went to Tea Dances which were social dance afternoons. There 30% of the dances where kind of choreographed dances where everyone danced the same steps some of them had partner changes.

I think that a social dance club can be a good place to "perform" also. It worked this way In Hungary. Competition dancers filled up usually the floor. Some dance nights were organized right after the competition (there should have been more of that!). A poster here also mentioned that in C&W competitors are active social dancers too.

I think that the problem in ballroom dancing in the US is the low number of people involved in competitions. The reason behind this - IMO - is partly cultural and partly the consequence of Pro-Am which discourages dancers to partner up between each other - and who goes to social dancing with their pro?

The result is that if you go to a social dance it is more probable in the US that you will have a comment like one of the posters said who complained about lack of partners of her level provided you take private lessons and prepare for competitions seriously. In a healthy environment you could find fellow competitors out there near to your level.

I know that some will say that my opinion about Pro-am is an oversimplification, that might be so, I just wish to make the point that it is a kind of Catch 22 situation: lack of partners will support existence of pro-am which in turn dicourages am-am couple dancing which leads to less amateur dancers and so possible partners etc. I do not claim that I have a solution.


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