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Re: Teach myself Pointe at home?
Posted by Lisa
6/30/2006  5:48:00 PM
Please show your mother this message board. I took ballet from the time I was 5 until I was 21 with a 2 year break during middle school - also due to peer pressure and feeling "picked on". I chose a new studio when I decided to start again and my mother was supportive when I asked her to help me search for a new studio. I went on to major in dance in college.

I no longer dance ballet, but it gave me a good base for my ballroom dancing (a life long dance sport) and gave me greater poise and self confidence in my life.

However, I must say dance (sport) injuries are serious and often do not surface for many years. I am now 44 and suffer from several different foot, joint, and tendon ailments attributable to dance (and to pointe). Proper warm up, proper technique, and proper care of minor injuries will improve your dancing now and prevent future physical impairments.

Is it possible to teach yourself? Probably yes. Is is wise? Probably no.
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