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re: Are Competition & Social Dance the Only Choices?
Posted by JHamilton
8/9/1999  6:17:00 AM

Forgot to include my name in my previous post! Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I think I am long overdue to sit down and determine exactly what my dance goals are, my skill levels in various dances, which areas I want to concentrate the most time and energy, etc. This lack of introspection, as much as anything, is probably the reason I've not found a practice partner, although I am also hampered by living in a small city with limited options.

For example, my original interest was country western (which I still love). But there are only a few competent, serious C&W dancers in my community and most are already "paired up" with someone. Then I became interested in ballroom and began lessons a little over 2 years ago. I truly love ballroom and, as I stated previously, I am finally biting the bullet and entering a competition with my teacher in a few weeks (Nevada Star Ball). But I don't foresee doing this on a regular basis, because I really want the experience of working and growing (and maybe competing) with an amateur partner.

Don't mean to be too inquisitive, but I would be interested in knowing the source of your dislike for competition. I need to know what I'm getting myself into!

Almost forgot, thanks for your ideas about ways to meet potential partners.

Thanks again for your reply! And good luck in finding the dancing opportunities you are seeking.

P.S. Does your husband dance at all?

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