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Re: Asking a guy to dance
Posted by dgcasey
7/6/2006  11:10:00 AM
I asked several ladies to dance with me. I kept asking, and I kept polite. It took two and a half hours to get a yes response

Two and a half hours?!!

What the heck is wrong with the ladies at that studio? (Notice how I avoided asking what's wrong with you? )

I've only been dancing since Thanksgiving, but I can only remember being turned down for a dance one time in that whole time. And she came up and asked me to dance a couple of dances later. It turned out she didn't know anything about ChaCha, but didn't want to admit that. We've danced many times since then.

I think one of the reasons I get asked to dance a lot is because, 1) I've gotten a reputation of being a decent dancer, not great but decent, and 2) I get dressed up to go out dancing. I walk into the studio dressed in a minimum of a dress shirt and tie, sometimes a full suit. Not only have I figured out that ladies love to dance, they also love to dance with a guy that looks like he took more than five minutes getting ready to go out that evening.

But, two and half hours? Are you kidding me? I'd find a new place to dance if that were the case for me.
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