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Re: Teach myself Pointe at home?
Posted by 20yearsOfdance
7/11/2006  11:41:00 PM
I've been dancing ballet pro for almost ten years now and I have to tell you teaching yourself at home can do wonders. Now I'm not saying its the perfect solution but it helps a great deal. For people who say you can't teach yourself pointe at home can stuff it! > I taught myself pointe at home when I was fifteen in my basement dance studio. With the help of my very loving mother(God rest her soul)to help mend my wounds I was successful and you can be too if you put forward the effort. I don't really think books will do much help but a video should work nicely. Now this isn't for everyone only people with the passion and art for dance and who don't fear hurting yourself evey once and a while. I admit I injured myself pretty bad sometimes but I never gave up and I kept at it and followed the video(which was VHS at the time)and did everything it told me. Now if you can't find a video on teaching you pointe then go to a very good ballet book of your choice and read CAREFULLY before you try anything. I'm one of those girls who couldn't stand the dreaded classroom and taunting little snot nosed girls who think their better than you. Ha! I showed them! Look who's dancing around the world and making a name for herself!
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