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Re: fusturated
Posted by TheDancingQueen
7/12/2006  2:00:00 AM
Ok. Now I know what your feeling because the same thing happened to me almost 15years ago. Look, if both your teachers think you're ready to move on but one is holding you back, go to the one that is giving you that push. Which in your case is studio2. It doesn't matter if studio1 is the best, the teacher at studio2 is going to put you where you need to be.
I started dancing late in life too but now I'm a lead female dancer in a well known dance company(no names)and if I hadn't switched dance studios I'd still be doing kiddie stuff. Move on kid. Friends come and go and if they can't understand why you switched studios then they wern't very good friends to begin with. You're doing this for you and you only. Take it seriously!
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