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Re: really?
Posted by ballroom_billy
7/22/2006  9:09:00 AM
i started with tap and jazz when i was 4, and then lost interest in jazz for a while but stayed in tap. when i turned 10 i stared taking lyrical jazz and contemporary. i am 13 now and still love contemporary and tap, but can only take 1 class at a time right now. i got interested in ballroom after watching dancing with the stars, so i took a class and have put aside contemporary and tap for a while. i am trying to find a way to take more than one class since i miss contemporary. what about you? yes i do miss dancing alone, especially because it has been really hard for me to find a partner my age. i am sort of... "just one of the guys", so i have plenty of guy friends... the problem is that they are "too cool" for ballroom. a few of them said it was too dorky, and another had already taken a class but he didn't like it. i am taking a community learning ballroom class, so there are people for me to dance with but would sometimes like a more permanent partner. it would be nice to dance with someone i actually know for once too!


ps, you dont hve to answer this, but how old would you have thought i was... people often thik i am a lot older than i really am. i find it interesting to see what people say.
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