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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by Emanon56
7/29/2006  9:35:00 AM
HMMM the Arthur Murray Showcase, one of the best sales tactics that they have. A new student that came in last week will "be ready" for that showcase.
You will be required to use more lessons to learn the dance or you will be required to purchae more lessons to learn the dance. You will be teased with patterns that are not at your level, but let's show the Judge how well you can handle the more advanced material. HMMM oh thats right, you will need to purchase a ticket for the dinner dance and awards presentation that night. And there will be a fee for entering this showcase because they have to pay the Judge and your teacher etc. And much to your amazement you will go home with a trophy or a ribbon. And DAMM everyone did. OH thats right there might be a free style comp too and if you sign uo for one or ten there will be a special fee for that too.
After the event is over and you are so excited about what you have done. The Judge (generally) along with your teacher will sing you the praises for the job you did and how well you handled the advanced material in your routine. And if you really enjoyed what you have done and would like more it will cost you your next unborn child. Please sign here.
If learning how to dance is something you really desire take all the monies that you will spend and invest it in lessons with a good teacher. And if you desire to compete wait until something comes up where it is a true dance competion and not a way of just selling you lessons. A great deal of the material learned is nothing u will ever use again anyway.
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