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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by Anonymous
7/29/2006  1:04:00 PM
An experienced dance friend is doing her first showcase. She has been dancing for 15 years or so and is very experienced. She has done competition, lessons, but never a showcase. The showcase is an Int. Rumba with a Argentine Tango flair. The choreography is all basic syllabus work.
She figured 6 lessons at most, since she already knows all the syllabus through gold level.

She is on lesson 4 now and they still don't have all their choreography and the teacher is good, but very inefficient. He is slowly working with her on balance and the basics. Now she is irritated at the teacher and about the whole idea. At the pace that he is going it will take 20 lessons. He is now trying to talk her into extra lessons for the performance.

Showcases seem to be a green light for a teacher to run up a large dancing bill.

I would say wait awhile on your showcase if you can't tie all the expenses down. However, it will be a great growing experience--don't expect too much overnight with your new dancing abilities. Learning to dance well is a long term project.
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