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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by anon
7/30/2006  3:36:00 PM
<<<< The showcase is an Int. Rumba with a Argentine Tango flair. The choreography is all basic syllabus work.
She figured 6 lessons at most, since she already knows all the syllabus through gold level.

She is on lesson 4 now and they still don't have all their choreography and the teacher is good, but very inefficient. He is slowly working with her on balance and the basics. Now she is irritated at the teacher and about the whole idea. At the pace that he is going it will take 20 lessons. He is now trying to talk her into extra lessons for the performance.>>>

Actually, she is probably getting more out of the lessons by doing balance and the basics than she might if she does choreography - so in this case the teacher is doing the right thing.

If it's syllabus, and she 'knows' syllabus, then why would the coach need to teach the syllabus, anyway?

However, I'll wager that the sutdent is not very good at even doing basics or balance, tho she thinks that by 'knowing syllabus thru gold' that she is better than she thinks. Six lessons are just that - lessons - not practice. She needs to go off and practice what she gets in the lessons - it's not up to the teacher to do that for her.

I have read that there are three levels of dance lessoning: student dances with teacher is the very lowest and beginner-est level. The reality check is in....
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