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Re: Arthur Murray Showcase
Posted by dancer
7/30/2006  5:30:00 PM
Hi all,
learning to dance can be a tricky buisness with finding a good instructor, watching out for sales tactics which make you pay/buy more lessons. Its everywhere and truly speaking dancing is a buisness.
But at the end of the day its what you really want out of your lessons and where you want to be with your dancing. All studios apart from private/group classes have competitions, social nights. showcases etc...but then its upto each individual to decide if they are ready for it or not and are ready to sell out more money just to be in the comp.
If you think you are being forced to do something that you would not normally doo or are feeling uneasy about the whole idea of taking part in a showcase just because you are not ready to dance, then dont do it.
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