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How Do Competitors Behave on th Social Floor?
Posted by Len
8/9/1999  2:58:00 AM
My partner and I want to dance competitively. We often go out social dancing to get practice. Recently we had a huge argument concerning etiquette on the floor. I felt that she was pulling me up 1 or 2 steps before the next couple because I wanted to dance right up to the next couple. I did not want to unnecessarily anticipate collisions. I felt that her dancing was over cautious. She on the other hand thinks that my dancing is not appropriate for the social scene. That we should be more cautious and carefull in the social scene. My fear is that we may pick up bad habits because we do not dance out. Should we be using the social venues for practicing our social dancing? Should we change our approach to dancing if we do? Should the female dancer anticipate collisions or is it entirely the male dancers role to control the general direction of movement?


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