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re: Cha Cha / Rumba Technique
Posted by Matyas
8/13/1999  11:38:00 PM
I still have this question: does 'rock step' mean any step backward which is followed by a forward? So far I heard it to be used with connection to jive and swing but not to chacha, rumba. Is the stationary samba walk has a rock step in it then?

The dance terminology in Hungary is a mix of English and Hungarian phrases. The name of some steps got translated, others have not. Sometimes it is very confusing. I heard one story related to this. A top Hungarian couple was taking lessons abroad and they asked the teacher to show them the step called 'Hunter'. The teacher had no clue of course! The solution was sg with 'chase' in it which got translated to Hungarian as hunter among the teachers.

My second question is about the jive again. The opinions seemed to differ on whether the heel should touch the floor or not on the rock step. Could someone check it in the book? I know it is a shame that I still not have a copy. (An online version would be nice.) I had no problem putting my heel down and extending the leg fully while maintaining a strong forward projection by sending only the left hip back. I cannot tell how much weight I put on the moving leg. I would rather describe it this way: I push the floor away with my foot by rolling from toes to flat position on the left while rolling to toes on the right.


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