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Lack of support from Family
Posted by ballerinagirl
10/12/2006  3:45:00 PM
Dear Ballet forum,
I am twenty two and when I was in high school my sister told me that I was never going to be a ballerina professionally and that dancing was never going to be my thing in life ever and laughed in my face mainly because I had started ballet at the age of fifteen. It stung and really hurt my feelings. Today I still hold a grudge against her. My mom says that it is time to forgive her but I am not ready to. I still love dance now and am mainly doing it for myself. Yet I am still angry about my sister and what she said about my dancing. So, what should I do, forgive her and let it go, or should I go on being mad at her for what she did back in high school. Also, another thing, non dance related, I am planning on trying out for the reality show The Bachelor and my sister, the same one with the dancing insults, said that I was never going to make it and would never get on the show The Bachelor, also. This brought back the old grudge, making the highschool wound with the dance thing bigger, and I am afraid that we will never make up. What should I do?
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