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Re: Lack of support from Family
Posted by dgcasey
10/13/2006  3:11:00 AM
First thing you need to realize is that the majority of the time, when you tell someone that you are going to do something, like start a business, apply to go on a television show, start dancing or whatever, there will be no shortage of people to tell you every single reason why you will be a big failure. Tell someone that you want to become the prima ballerina and they will tell you about the difficulties and hardships that you will face, about the competition in the world of ballet and the dirty little backstabbers that inhabit the local ballet company. By the time you've talked to five or six people about your dreams, you will be beat down so far you'll begin to wonder why you even bother to live.

Yes, you should forgive your sister and love her because she is your sister. But, that doesn't mean that you have to listen to her. And one of the best pieces of revenge that you can get is to go a lot farther with your dancing that anyone thought you could, which by the sounds of what your sister said, isn't going to be too far. Obviously, getting on the Bachelor could prove a little more difficult because, when all is said and done, the final vote for you getting on the show is not up to you. But, trying out for it and giving it your all will be what sets you apart from the average person, who just wants to think of all the reasons dreams don't come true.

It's sad that we don't get the support that we should from the people that we should be getting it from the most. In an ideal world, your sister should be your biggest cheerleader. In the real world, that very rarely is the case.

So, where do you find the support and encouragement that you need? You find it from the people that participate in the very same activities you do. As for your ballet, it would come from the friends that you have in your group. A lot of them will know exactly what you are going through because they have felt it too. You can get that support from places like this, where a community of dancers comes together.

The most important thing is to decide what your goals are and then become very single minded in your quest for them and to hell with those around you that are trying to tear you down. Just remember that there are others, like me and others in these discussions groups, that are pulling for you and saying, "you go girl!"

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