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Need help convincing nephew's parents to let him d
Posted by ballerinagirl
10/13/2006  10:57:00 PM
Dear ballet goers,
I have a nephew who is a very good dancer for his age, which is one and a half. He catches on to movements fast and he has natural rythem and musicality. He is smart also. One day when I was doing my rond dejamb en lair while holding onto the back of a chair at the kitchen table my nephew was imitating me and very well, I might add too! Well, anyway, to make a long story short, I was getting him the Miss Christy's dance adventure for Christmas because I think that he would really enjoy the dancing on it and learn a lot more about dancing. I want to get him started in baby ballerina and me at the community center once he reaches two and a half. However, I have one problem, his parents. They don't want him to do ballet or any kind of dance because they feel that dance is for sissies and they don't want him growing up to be a fag or feminized in any way so to speak. How can I convince him that their son has a natural talent for dancing and that he would probably thrive on being in a dance class, particularly ballet? I want to but I am afraid that i won't have a good argument. So I have held off until I can get a good argument started. I would love feedback on this because I would love to know how to handle this. Thanks!
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