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Re: Need help convincing nephew's parents to let h
Posted by dgcasey
10/14/2006  12:32:00 AM
How can I convince him that their son has a natural talent for dancing and that he would probably thrive on being in a dance class, particularly ballet? I want to but I am afraid that i won't have a good argument.

The short answer to this is that you will never have a good argument. How they raise their son and the things that they choose to teach him are completely up to them, not you. Continuing on a course of trying to change their minds will probably end with them not wanting to see you coming around anymore and not letting your nephew spend any time with you.

Yes, it's a shame that they have the attitudes that they have, but butting up against those attitudes is only going to cause resentment and hard feelings.

By the way, with him only being one and a half years old, there's plenty of time for things to change. It's not like he needs to be enrolled in classes next week. There's still a few years left for him to be able to explore the possibilities.

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