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Re: Performing
Posted by Anonymous
10/31/2006  5:20:00 PM
Just4fun. Where I live we don`t have the same system you have. We do have three styles of dancing one of them being a sequence dancing. This means that every couple dance behind each other all the way around the ballroom all doing the same steps at the same time.. I put this in and will add that on the social scene it is more the older generation that go to this type of dancing. We I think would have one of the biggest dance populations you could find.
I have a book with a list of dances for the week. Today , within easy reach of where I live there are 14 places to go. About 50 % of these are on during the day. And yet none of these would even go to a competition even if you paid them to. They have there thing and that`s all they are interested in. They will watch. Dancing with the Stars. They might go to see Burn the Floor.
You should live here. Starting Monday at 7.30 am Beginners practice. 8.30 am Advanced practice. 10. am. dance till about 1 pm .Then they have a cup of coffee, everybody has brought a plate of something to eat. This kind of things goes on seven days a week. And yet you couldn`t get them into a normal studio even if it were free.
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