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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by phil.samways
11/3/2006  4:19:00 AM
Last night i wanted to check something on the foxtrot reverse turn, so i put on the foxtrot lecture from this year's congress in Blackpool. William Pino giving the lecture.
At the end of his lecture he dances the same steps to different styles of foxtrot music. And suddenly i thought of the shoulder 'twist' discussion. So i looked carefully. And there, right under the nose of the camera, was a whole load of shoulder 'twist' (done beautifully, of course). No way were the shoulders in line with the hips. for example, he came out in promenade without any change in alignment in the hold, yet his hips rotated at least 45 degrees. Happened all over the place. The 'shoulders in line with hips at all times' argument is dead in the water as far as i'm concerned (it's the foxtrot to "schindler's list" where he's dancing right under the camera).
By the way, he arches his back a lot too, and he uses the thumbs-up hold
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