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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Rha
11/3/2006  7:22:00 AM
"Stand with a very strong whole body left side lead, such as if you've just finished a feather and not completely neutralized. Now, without letting the topline rotate one bit, send your right hip forward by moving through the standing right foot. This will cause your entire body to travel, but there is still no rotation. As the standing right leg propels you, you will feel your right knee tuck in behind your free left knee. Then as you get closer to arriving on your left foot, your topline can join in the turn."

Ok, I been messing around with your action, I see what you're doing. If it works for you then fine though my body says 'I don't like this'. It talks to me you know .

I don't want to get into a general twist or not to twist debate. I'm taking about a very specific sequence of actions or type of movement. Here's how I commence a reverse turning action:

As a result of the previous action, I commence with the side that I'm going to body swing, back (ie. left side lead, like your action). I commence my body swing from my standing right leg, my CBM is developed very gradually. I feel the rotation of the entire moving side mostly from the ankle of the standing leg. I place the moving leg in CBMP (or almost) and continue my body swing with the receiving leg, however now I feel the rotation of the hips & torso/ shoulder mostly in the hip joint.

So, in a nutshell, the key points are that I develop the CBM gradually over both my sending and receiving legs, place my receiving leg in CBMP and dance my moving side as one whole when using CBM in a reverse turning action. Note that I don't lock anything or force my moving side to stay as 'one' (if you know what I mean) throughout this movement. It seems to be happy and has made up its own mind to stay as 'one'.

I don't know if there are others who dance it like I do but I'd be eager to know if this way of doing it hits the spot with you. Let us know.


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