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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/3/2006  3:01:00 PM
"One important point that I omitted. At the time I've just placed my receiving leg, my moving or RIGHT side is still 'behind' even though it is travelling faster. In other words it has body swing but it's still behind at that point. As I said my CBM is very gradual."

Actually, to be CBM, it needs to occur before the moving foot is placed. That is why many say that reverse turns do not have CBM...

However, something should have gotten in advance by then, and that something is the lower right side of the body. Not the right side of the topline of course, but the lower right corner.

You already mentioned that you have the moving foot in an almost CBMP position, which as it should be. But how did it get there? Not by moving across I hope! Rather the standing hip should have rotated forward and to the left, causing the standing knee to tuck behind the moving one.

Actually, now that I think about it - the moving foot is not placed into CBMP, because it moves due forward rather than diagonally forward. Instead, the standing knee is rotated into a CBMP like position behind the moving one. It's the standing leg's fault, not the moving leg's - which means it is not formally CBMP. Hence the book doesn't call for it, despite that being what you would probably name it if you saw a picture taken at the point in the action where it is most pronounced.
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