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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/3/2006  5:48:00 PM
Whoever. I wonder if anybody knows what to twist the spine actually is. From the man`s steps. If we get into the third step of the Feather with CBMP our spine is not twisted. Our naval is pointing in the direction we are going which is diagnal to the centre. Full steam ahead. If we pull our shoulders back anti clockwise we have twisted, we now have a naval pointing more to down the floor, Full steam ahead Is that the direction we want to go. So your feet will be going one way and the rest of us trying to go in a different direction. The feet will win.
If I am wrong tell me. Go to absolute Basics using the correct alignments, Quarter Turn ,Progresive Chasse. I will finish diagnal to the wall ready to do a Lock Step. My Left shoulder is leading. I simply step across my body outside partner CBMP. Do you know what. My spine my naval are moving in the direction I want them to go. Let you Belly Button be your guide. If it is pointing in another direction something is wrong. For the lady it is pointing in the direction you are moving along. Is there a better way of explaining something that shouldn`t need to be explained. On the Lockstep just keep an eye on those feet also. You guys who try to bring physics into this . Do I really need to know how many pounds per square inch pressure there are in my left knee.
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