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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/3/2006  7:25:00 PM
"Our naval is pointing in the direction we are going which is diagnal to the centre."

You seem to have missed those little words, "left side leading"

A CBMP step is not a step square to the body - it is a step that moves at an angle across the body - specifically the same angle across the body as was present in the previous, side leading step.

"So your feet will be going one way and the rest of us trying to go in a different direction. The feet will win."

No - you completely misunderstand. Your feet and your body are moving in the same direction, but because the figure has side lead, your body is not oriented square on to the movement. The movement of body legs and bods is instead diagonal to the orientation of the body.

"Go to absolute Basics using the correct alignments"

Yes please study these with a qualified coach!

"My Left shoulder is leading. I simply step across my body outside partner CBMP. Do you know what. My spine my naval are moving in the direction I want them to go. Let you Belly Button be your guide. If it is pointing in another direction something is wrong."

In the case you have just mentioned, your belly button is rather obviously not pointing in the direction in which you are moving. You said yourself that you took a step across your body, which means that your direction of travel is across your body... hence the direction of travel cannot be the same as the direction your body is oriented to.

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