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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/3/2006  11:37:00 PM
Anonymous. When I have completed my Progresive Chasse I am diagnal to the wall. The first step of my Lockstep is diagnal to the wall, and the last step will finish diagnal to the wall.
I all ways say a quarter of a turn to the right. Then on the Progresive Chasse a quarter turn to the left. Hold that line for the Lockstep. Hold the same line for the first of the next movement which in this case is a Natural Spin Turn. All of that with my spine driving along that line. No twisting needed. If you start too close to the edge of the floor you will then more than likely twist your spine to keep outside your partner on the CBMP. Then you have a great show of hips in full view.
You`r not trying to take your Lockstep anything other than diagnal to the wall are you. I don`t know what qualified coach you had, so maybe you should take a look at the manual. I learnt this as a Bronze Medalist.
I dont understand your last paragraph at all.
I will have my left shoulder leading into the Lock during the Lock and after the Lock. My navel will be on a line with my feet which is on the same line as my shoulder. In other words everything is travelling in the samr direction . If we can use a wall as a guide. Not travelling with my right hip on the wall along the floor.
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