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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Rha
11/4/2006  8:14:00 AM
"Actually, to be CBM, it needs to occur before the moving foot is placed. That is why many say that reverse turns do not have CBM..."

That may well be the case about how CBM is generally understood and interpreted, as an action developed from the standing leg only. Therefore I prefer the concept of 'body swing' which is a much broader concept that also incorporates CBM.

"You already mentioned that you have the moving foot in an almost CBMP position, which as it should be. But how did it get there? Not by moving across I hope! Rather the standing hip should have rotated forward and to the left, causing the standing knee to tuck behind the moving one."

Yes, not by moving across. One as the distinct feel on the sending leg and the receiving leg being one track as one receives the weight.

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