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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/14/2006  8:54:00 AM
"Anonymous. Thats right . There is no rotation of the body over the feet intill the sixth step is completed. So how can it be a big step."

Because step size is quite obviously not relate to body rotation!

Step size is determined to a small degree by leg swing, but primarily by body movement.

A properly big step will result from moving the body throught the entire duration of the step, while swinging the free leg simply across the body.

An impoperly big step would result from turning the body to swing the leg, or reaching the leg more than simply across the body. The size is in the continued body movement - if you don't have that, your step must be small to avoid loosing position. If you do have that, your step can safely be big.
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