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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/16/2006  8:07:00 PM
"Anonymous. Now wait a minute, Didn`t you say there was no stop in the Waltz. Now your saying there is."

No, I have generally said there is no stopping when lowered, apart from lines and checks. When you do waltz rise, the body will largely or even completely stop at the peak of the rise.

"Wouldn`t it have been better to mention sway as a way of channelling the energy into a different direction, which is in this case up and over."

Sway does not channel energy "up", which is the direction it goes in walt. However, sway (or simply not getting quite all the way over your foot) can help you create movement in a new direction - either as you start moving again in the waltz, or as you have slowed somehwat but not stopped on the more moderate rise of a foxtrot action.

But remember, you can do this with a sway shape, or you can do it with your head weight, or you can do it by being a cm or two offset from passing directly over your standing foot - or some combination of all of these. Really all of these boil down to being off balance by that few cm.

And of course a sway shape can also be held in balance over the standing foot - though doing so will not create movement.

It is after all imbalance which is the source of movement...
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