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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/17/2006  2:15:00 PM
"Anonymous. As you spoke. Could you do any of this slowely as we should be able to. It would seem to me that you wouldn`t be able to walk down the floor as per Foxtrot unless you had full steam ahead."

Some actions can be slowed down, others cannot without changes. Any action which requires going off balance would have to change it's timing, as the longer you spend off balance the more your body would move.

For example, I challenge you to submit a picture of yourself standing in the position of figure two of the forward walk, with your back foot on the top stair of a flight of stairs. This would have your front foot at exactly the same altitute as in the picture, but hanging in empty space - insuring that you don't cheat and try to balance your body by using the moving foot as a second standing foot. Not going to pay your hospital bill though..

The fundamental idea which you seem unable to grasp is that just as in ordinary walking, you cannot avoid going off balance. What you can do is carefully time when you go off balance and what direction you go off balance, so that the resulting fall will take you exactly where you are supposed to go at exactly the speed at which you are supposed to get there. You can't avoid that... but you can learn to do it right.

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