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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/17/2006  9:56:00 PM
"Anonymous. I think it is a poor man`s attempt to move. Where are we compressing to drive"

You should not really compress, but you must lower to drive. The energy for movement ultimately comes from that lowering.

"Stay on the supporting leg longer is being spoken about and being used more than ever before."

Yes, you should stay ON the supporting leg, but you must not make the mistake of trying to stay OVER it in balance.

"Dance from foot to foot. Wood`s teaches that there is a neutral position where the couple are balanced. There is one after the Feather before the Reverse and any simular place."

Perphaps - but have you now just finally confirmed that they are NOT BALANCED the rest of the time? You can be balance when you are directly over your standing foot, or when you are between two standing feet - that generally means two possible points in the cycle of a walk. All the rest of the time you are off balance.

"What gets forgotten is there is a movement of the verticle body moving from the back to the front of the foot with the foot still in the same position before leaving which should be used."

Exactly. But the body not only moves the lenght of the foot, it must project beyond the lenght of the foot. Once the center of mass passes the toe or the heel, the body is no longer in balance. It still receives substantial support from the foot, but it is unbalanced and technically must be considered to be falling. In effect, the standing leg (or at least shin) starts to fall over as an unsupported ladder might, but rather than tipping the upper body remains vertically aligned over the knee (shin tipping) or hip (whole leg tipping).

"But to sum it all up. Nobody can learn to dance or improve what they have got through correspondence. It has to be through a teacher."

Yes... though taking a very careful look at videos would elminate a lot of the misundersandings some people are getting from reading.
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