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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/17/2006  10:58:00 PM
"Anonymous. Reading these pages can make a person go and look for themselves.This is a good thing.
I`m still stuck on this one. If I arrive over my feet and at the same time bend my knees my knees are in front, no matter how hard I try my body will never get in front of my feet unless I fall on my face."

You obviously haven't really looked at picture two in the forward walk sequence yet. It quite obviously shows the entire body forward of the standing foot. The standing knee has bent forward, and the body is off balance over the standing knee.

That particular picture shows the moving leg forward of the body much further than it should be. If you mentally move the moving leg back to be next to the standing foot, you would see a picture of the body being entirely ahead of both legs.

Why do you find that so hard to imagine???

"Your paragraph third from last tells to me that your not big on bending the knees."

Do I or do I not keep stressing the important of bending the standing knee and sending the body forward in vertical alignment over that advancing knee, until it is off balance?

You obviously don't read the posts your respond to... I should just compose a singal reply and use it as a response to everything you write, as you clearly aren't reading anything I've written with the intent of actually comprhending the key ideas behind it.

"Reading that again I don`t believe you bend your knees at all."

Pure proof that you are imagining and not reading...

"If you sent your weight forward and the knee was bent like picture four how can your body get in front of your foot."

Picture TWO sir, not picture four.

Is or is not the knee bent in picture TWO? And anyone who thinks that body in picture TWO is balanced over its standing foot is legally blind!
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